Dear Customer, please take your time to read the following policies and conditions:


Any change and/or cancellation in standard products will incur a 20% charge of the total purchase amount for administrative, packaging, and logistics expenses.

Any special manufacturing order must be accompanied by a minimum 80% deposit to proceed with production.

There are no cancellations or returns accepted for any special manufacturing orders.

Full payment is required to schedule delivery for all purchases.

Solid natural wood products are unique pieces and may exhibit variations in color, texture, and shape, inherent to the material's organic nature. These natural variations cannot be controlled or standardized. Therefore, no changes or cancellations will be accepted based on these mentioned variations in the product. However, we ensure that the product meets general size and thickness measurements. We recommend purchasing the merchandise directly seen in the showroom to avoid variations.

Our solid wood furniture undergoes a special and professional drying and disinfection process to ensure quality, preventing decay or instability due to moisture. However, natural movements in wood may occur due to regional humidity conditions and extreme temperature changes from air conditioning usage.

Quality Guarantee:

Our quality guarantee covers manufacturing defects for a period of 60 calendar days from the delivery date. It is valid only if the goods have not been used for purposes other than their intended use and have not been moved from one space to another. Manufacturing defects do not include any physical damage caused by furniture use, dirt, liquid spills, or tears in fabrics made with objects.

In case of any complaints or issues with your delivery or delivered products, please contact us at (52) 984-1368-167 or email, providing a description of the problem, clear photographs, and a video if necessary or requested by the warranty department. Our service hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Our warranty analysis and response time will not exceed 3 business days.

If you have indicated on our delivery form that you received the merchandise to your complete satisfaction, no claims for product damage, space, room, or property damage will be accepted.

Delivery Times:

The delivery time for merchandise in stock in the showroom and/or warehouse is 3-5 business days due to logistic routing scheduling. The delivery time for special order products is 45 to 60 business days depending on the product line.

Shipping and Assembly:

Free shipping and assembly are provided in Playa del Carmen for purchases equal to or exceeding $7,000.00 MXN (seven thousand Mexican pesos, including VAT). For purchases below this amount, the shipping cost will be $580.00 MXN (five hundred and eighty Mexican pesos, including VAT). In Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Morelos, free shipping and assembly are available for purchases equal to or exceeding $14,000.00 MXN (fourteen thousand Mexican pesos including VAT), For purchases below this amount, the shipping cost will be $1,160.00 MXN (one thousand one hundred and sixty Mexican pesos including VAT). In Tulum and Cancun, free shipping and assembly are available for purchases equal to or exceeding $21,000.00 MXN (twenty one thousand Mexican pesos including VAT), for purchases below this amount, the shipping cost will be $1,990.00 MXN (one thousand nine hundred ninety Mexican pesos including VAT).For deliveries to any city or territory other than those mentioned above, a quote for this service is required, and payment must be made in advance to coordinate and route the delivery of the merchandise.

Each customer will be notified of their delivery day via text message or phone call 1 day in advance, which must be confirmed by the customer. Without confirmation, delivery cannot be coordinated or routed.

If the customer requires a special delivery day or time, a quote for this service must be obtained from your sales executive.

The furniture lift service will be quoted as a special shipping service, and payment must be made in advance to schedule delivery. The cost of the furniture lift service is $1,160.00 MXN per piece of furniture to be lifted.

For our Free delivery and assembly service (when it applies) the day and time of the delivery will be selected by PRISMA according to its routing schedule. The day will be notified to the customer and the confirmation will be expected and required to proceed. The delivery can be made to any floor, level, or physical plant if our logistics team is allowed to use elevators to transport the merchandise. If the merchandise needs to be transported up the stairs, it can be delivered up to the 3rd floor or physical level, considering the ground floor as the first level for FREE. Each additional floor or level has a cost of $580.00 MXN (five hundred and eighty Mexican pesos including VAT), which must be paid in advance to coordinate the shipment of the merchandise. The service includes carrying the merchandise from our van's parking spot to 50 linear meters to use elevators and stairs. If the merchandise needs to be moved over a greater distance, the cost will be $1,160.00 MXN (one thousand one hundred and sixty Mexican pesos including VAT) for small orders (1/3 of our truck capacity), $2,320.00 MXN (two thousand three hundred and twenty Mexican pesos including VAT) for medium orders (1/2 of our truck capacity), and a special quotation for larger orders (full truck capacity). Please obtain a quote for this special service from your sales executive in advance.

PRISMA's service includes unpacking, removal of packaging materials, and assembly of all products purchased from us. However, it does not include the installation of special products such as fixing solid natural parota headboards to walls, home appliances, or decoration and accessories to walls and ceilings. Please request a quote from your sales executive for the installation service of each of these products before delivery. If you hire the installation service for a solid natural parota headboard, the wall must be made of concrete blocks; it cannot be installed on drywall or durock due to its weight.

If our delivery team arrives at the customer's address to deliver the products, and the customer is not present or available to receive the merchandise (after confirming the delivery day), the delivery team will leave, and an additional delivery fee equal to the original fee will be charged for the next delivery or deliveries. If the first delivery was free, the second delivery will incur the previously described cost in the 1st paragraph of this section.

If our logistics team encounters any complications to attend the scheduled delivery day, we will contact you via phone call or text message on the same day to apologize and coordinate a new delivery and assembly date.